Cloud Based Enterprise Grade Website Security

Expim offers Enterprise Grade Website Security Platform that fits any website, anywhere, any size.
The service is activated with a small DNS change without any changes to your infrastructure or your code.

Content Delivery Network

  • Whole site acceleration
  • Globally Distributed POPs
  • Application Aware CDN
  • Static Content Caching
  • Dynamic Content Caching

Web Application Firewall

Protection against:
  • Application-specific attacks
  • OWASP Top 10 Protection
  • Custom Security Rules
  • Malware and Zero-Day Protection
  • Website Access Control

DDoS Protection

Protecting from:
  • Always-On Protection
  • Application Attacks (Layer 7)
  • Network Level Attacks (Layer 3,4)
  • DDoS Bot Protection
  • Automatic Detection

Technology Partners

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